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        Annual Capital Improvement Plans

  2021 - 2025

Camp Creek
10/2021: Installed approximately 3500 feet of Main Line Pipe between Road 30 and Road 32. Connected to Road 32 at the existing Fire Hydrant and install new Pressure Shack at Road 30.

08/2022. We worked with the NSFS to bury our river crossing at the end of Road 20E. We buried the under the river approximately 6 feet during their rehab work in the river.
Road 28A Extension
This Project will be starting the beginning of August. We will be replacing the main waterline starting near the Fire Hydrant near the 28B intersection and following the common driveway gate to lot 22.
Road 27 mainline replacement
This project was planned for this year, but has been postponed until the work window in 2024.

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